Building Your Channel - Curriculum Design Checklist

Follow this checklist to learn the basics of building a Skillshare Channel:
  1. Teach multiple classes to grow your student following, earn more revenue, and create the most valuable learning experience for your students.
  2. Publish non-linear classes that are accessible to as many students as possible. 
  3. Establish a regular cadence for publishing classes on Skillshare. We recommend publishing a new class at least once a month to maximize the impact of your student following.
  4. Teach Fundamentals classes as a basic introduction to the skill you’re teaching.
  5. Teach Deep Dive classes so that students can master a particular aspect of a skill or process.
  6. Teach Project-Focused classes to apply your expertise to a fun, unique project that students can create. 
  7. Plan future class topics to help ensure a consistent class publishing schedule. 
  8. Build a cohesive channel brand that accurately communicates your channel’s key themes.